1. Who can join The Olympia Peace Choir?

The Olympia Peace Choir is open to any person who has a love for singing and working with others towards a more peaceful planet.

2. Is there an audition?

There is no audition to become a member of TOPC. To join, attend the two free orientation rehearsals offered in September to see if the choir is right for you. Information about joining is discussed during this time.

3. What is the mission/vision statement of The Olympia Peace Choir?

The Olympia Peace Choir is an inclusive, intergenerational community chorus dedicated to using the power of song to create peace, social justice, and promote environmental stewardship. We believe in "quality through inclusion".

4. What kind of music does TOPC sing?

We sing music from a variety of styles, cultures and difficulty levels. We have sung folk songs, madrigals, rounds, pop, freedom songs, contemporary and songs from around the world in different languages. All of our music relates to our mission/vision statement.

5. Do I need to be able to read music to join TOPC?

No! The beauty of TOPC is that we have members of all different levels of music training: novice, lay person, student, professional. We blend all voices and depend upon the strength of the group to accomplish our musical goals. Some learn songs by reading, others by listening and repetition.

6. When are the two Orientation rehearsals?

The two free orientation rehearsals are September 11 and 18, 2017.

7. Where and when does TOPC meet for rehearsals?

We currently rehearse on Monday evenings from 7-8:30pm at Westminster Presbyterian Church, 1925 Boulevard Road SE, Olympia, WA.

8.  Where does TOPC perform?

We perform at a variety of venues throughout the area: Artswalk, City Hall, Panorama City, Farmer's Market, Peace Vigil, Washington State Capitol Rotunda, Interfaith Works among others. We always hold a free Community Concert each March at Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd, Olympia.

9. How many members are in TOPC?

Currently we like to maintain a cap between 100-120 members, depending on balance between the sections (soprano, alto, tenor, bass).

10. How much are dues? What if I can't afford that?

Our dues are constructed on a sliding scale/tier system. Members select the level of dues they are able to pay. Some are able to "sponsor" others to join. We do offer a few scholarships. Our goal is that anyone who wants to be a part of TOPC can be.

11. What do TOPC dues cover?

Dues cover rehearsal space rental, purchased music, director and accompanist fees and other resources associated with the functioning of the choir

12. What if I have very little singing experience? Is there still a place for me in TOPC?

All levels of singing experience are welcome in the choir. Over the year, you will grow in your technique and skills. Rehearsals are dedicated to creating great music, strengthening our individual and group sound, and connecting with the words so we can convey that to our audience.

13. How did TOPC start? 

Kerri Lynn Nichols (our Artistic Director) and a small group of her friends, including Debbie Koshelnik-Turner (our musical sign-interpreter) and Becky Liebman (former TOPC Board member) envisioned a community choir that would use the power of song to create a positive atmosphere for change. A local attorney, John Parr, set up the paperwork for our non-profit status and we borrowed an office suite for our first rehearsal, hoping 20 people would show up. At our first rehearsal, we had 40 and then moved to a new rehearsal space at First United Methodist Church of Olympia. Over the past seven years, our choir has grown and developed and is well known in the area.

14. Is TOPC a non-profit organization?

Yes, we are a non-profit organization and all dues and donations are tax deductible. We have a Board of directors comprised of members from the choir who work tirelessly to make TOPC an experience like no other.

 If you have further questions, please contact us at:   contact@theolympiapeacechoir.org